Ask Ron!

Matt Texter suggested the other day that I should have an advice column.  He was incredibly right.  So I’m calling for question submissions.  I won’t limit it to just advice questions, ask me anything.  So give me all your questions on love, religion, sex, death, music, meat, and my personal life.  Leave your comments below and I will run an answer column in the next few days.  I think you should be able to leave anonymous comments here on wordpress and I will run a similar request for questions on facebook.  I’ll try to make my answers either funny, informative, or insightful.  Probably not all three, but I’ll try.


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I'm trustworthy.
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One Response to Ask Ron!

  1. jasonmtitus says:

    First of all, let me put my old pretentious attitude aside. Second, pretty clever bumper sticker. Third, my question is “how do you or one deal with writer’s block?”.

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