Matt Texter’s Favorite Musical Mustaches

Hi Gang, totally-made-up-by-me Mustache Awareness Week continues, but I actually have stuff to do today so Matt Texter will be helping out.  Here is his list for favorite mustached men in folk and country music.

Cisco Houston - American folk singer the kicked around a recorded with Woody Guthrie. Recorded for Moses Asch's Folkways label. Cisco sported a Clark Gable, sophisticated mustache.

Brownie McGhee - One half of the American folk blues due Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee sported an awesome mustache at various points in his career.

Arlo Guthrie - The son of Woody Guthrie known in his song and art film by the same title, "Alice's Restaurant". Another great writer and singer sportin' a stache.

Bo Diddley - Blues guitar slinger that rocked a thinline mustache early on in his career. HEY, BO DIDDLEY!

Muddy Waters - The original "Hoochie Coochie Man", slide guitar playin', lady killer himself sported a mustache at various points in his career.

Slim Whitman - This crystal voiced, country singer had a sweet thin mustache. His fantastical yodeling abilities were featured in 1996's "Mars Attacks!"

Kris Kristofferson - spent a few Sunday mornings coming down with a mustache.


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