Lucy Hale

*I try to post something Monday through Friday but some days I’m actually busy doing my job.  When those days happen I’m going to try to post lyrics to one of my songs, a paragraph or two of explanation, and a link so you can listen and sing along if you want.

Lucy Hale was written after reading “Manhunt” by James Swanson and “Assassination Vacation” by Sarah Vowell.  When John Wilkes Booth was apprehended after killing Lincoln he was found with the pictures of five women in his vest pocket.  Four were actresses and the fifth was of Lucy Hale, daughter of abolitionist Senator John P. Hale.

The picture of Lucy Hale found in the pocket of John Wilkes Booth

By many accounts Lucy Hale was Booth’s secret fiance, but many people believe that Booth, a popular stage actor considered one of the handsomest men in America, was only using Lucy to get close to Lincoln.  That’s probably true but my song is written from the perspective of Booth as a love song.  Perhaps he had a genuine affection for her and they were torn by alternative viewpoints in a very conflicted time.  I eventually drift from this narrative in an effort to relate Booth’s views of Lincoln as a tyrannical oppressor thru metaphor into the perspective of a modern teenager who feels the weight of authority.

A few lines of lyrics have been liberally swiped from “Maryland, My Maryland”, the state song of Maryland with lyrics provided by James Ryder Randall in 1861.

Lucy Hale
By Ron Freeman

Hold my useless hands
Close to your chest
Any pictures you might find
In the pockets of my vest
Please don’t get upset, please don’t get upset
They are all actresses compared to you

Always to tyrants we’ll sing
As the song of Maryland rings
The despot’s heel is on the shore
And he holds his torch at the temple door
We’ll light the streets of Baltimore

I love you, Lucy Hale (x3)
Do you love me too?

The sound of a drive-in film
Comes through on the AM dial
The engine burns in your driveway
And we listen for a while
Please don’t get upset, please don’t get upset

We’ll burst these tyrant chains
As your sister watches from the window pane
Your mother’s standing at the door
And your father’s boots pace the floor
We’ll light the streets of Baltimore


I can see you on the grass, letting all the cars pass
From a folding chair outside, with a blanket overtop your thighs
On just another Thursday night
The campfire’s burning…
The sweetest words I ever wrote
We’re written on the back of an envelope
You’re reading by the firelight
Everyone else is getting high
Tomorrow all the schools are closed
No one tells us where to go
You’re reading by the firelight
Everyone else is getting high



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