Ask Ron #2

I’m going to try to run answers the end of next week.  Give me all you got.


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4 Responses to Ask Ron #2

  1. Steve says:

    Question for ya: if you were running the Royals or the Pirates, and assuming your payroll is going to be pretty much the same, what would you do to turn them around?

  2. I posted this question on facebook before the first Ron Answers, but never got a response. Maybe you didn’t see it, so here goes:

    Hey Man, Ran across this article the today while choosing Mike Schmidt picts. Esp. in light of the steroids scandal; should Pete Rose be reinstated into baseball and inducted into the hall of fame? What’s your stance on it?

  3. ronfreeman42 says:

    I think you posted it on my wall and I forgot about it as all the other questions were all comments on the same thread. I’ll take a look at this one this week.

  4. Yeah, that was it. No biggie.

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