My Song Gets Tiny Amount of Bizarre Press Coverage

A few weeks ago I posted the lyrics and story of “Lucy Hale”, a song on my band’s Assassins EP about John Wilkes Booth’s secret fiance.  Since I spend a lot of time on the internet googling things like “Lucy Hale” I discovered a while back that there is a young actress that shares that name.  I wrote the song over two years ago before I heard of the actress but she’s gotten a bit more famous in the past couple of years as she’s on a new TV show called Pretty Little Liars. Turns out, an entertainment website that seems to have some enthusiasm for the show, discovered my song on this great big internet of ours.  Click here to read their story on our song and then check out the follow up comparing actress Lucy Hale to assassin love interest Lucy Hale.

Lucy Hale and Lucy Hale

That’s pretty much the first press coverage I’ve received without begging.  If you haven’t yet, have a listen to the song below and then go buy it on iTunes.


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One Response to My Song Gets Tiny Amount of Bizarre Press Coverage

  1. Kat in the Hat says:

    The website said there were some interesting similarities between the two Hales. I didn’t actually see any, especially since what little similarities there were related only to Lucy Kate’s professional character… I’m still happy for the press, though 🙂

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