Americans Watch 34 Hours of TV a Week, Still Won’t Watch Anything Good

photo by Mike Caggeso

The New York Times reports that in 2010 the average American watched 34 hours of TV per week.  Yet for some reason, the average TV viewer wouldn’t make time to watch Terriers, the best new show of the fall season that was sadly cancelled.  Americans will watch a dozen shows about decorating cakes but somehow can’t fit in a smart detective show that examined class differences while making us laugh.  What’s the matter, America?  Could you just not manage 35 hours of TV per week?

You should feel guilty for not watching.

Surely some of you are saying, “there’s no way I watch 34 hours of TV per week.”  I know. I probably watch 10-12 hours of TV per week, and that’s counting old episodes of Doctor Who.  That means someone is balancing me out by watching 56 hours of TV this week. Only watching 3 hours of TV a week?  Then someone else is watching 65.  Don’t know anyone watching 50+ hours of TV a week?  Of course you don’t, they are too busy watching TV to go out and meet people.

The average working Americans worked 35 hours a week as of 2008 (go there and check out the awesome chart).  But that doesn’t include unemployed or non-working Americans, meaning that Americans spend more time watching TV than working.  On top of that, as of 2009 the average American spent 13 hours a week online (more than that for me) and somehow we still manage to average 8 hours of sleep a night (56 hours per week).

So if you slept 56 hours a week, worked 35 hours a week, goofed off on the internet 13 hours, and watched 34 hours of TV… you would still have 30 hours left in the week.  I marvel at how people can waste as much time as they do and still think they are busy.  I would like to see the excuse of “I was too busy” be put to rest as most times it is a lie that accompanies bad time management.  I would prefer people say “I just felt like watching TV instead”.  That’s almost certainly the truth.


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One Response to Americans Watch 34 Hours of TV a Week, Still Won’t Watch Anything Good

  1. Steve says:

    You would be surprised though how difficult it is to find people to decorate cakes, places around here are always looking for them.
    I’m trying to cut back on TV (definitely not easy for me, and baseball has a lot to do with it) but definitely don’t watch 35 hours a week. I’m guessing those people who are above 35 hours a week are the ones without jobs and nothing better to do and don’t feel like working.

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