Millennial Visions

*I try to post something Monday through Friday but some days I’m actually busy doing my job.  When those days happen I’m going to try to post lyrics to one of my songs, a paragraph or two of explanation, and a link so you can listen and sing along if you want.

All of the songs on the Assassins EP are love songs from the perspective of a presidential assassins. Leon Czolgosz assassinated William McKinley at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York in 1900.  He was shot inside the Temple of Music which is featured on the cover of our CD.  Czolgosz was an anarchist who really wanted to be accepted in the anarchist scene led by Emma Goldman.  In the context of the song Czolgosz is desperately trying to impress Goldman and show how committed he is to anarchism.

Leon Czolgosz looking all moon-faced.

Millennial Visions
by Ron Freeman

You thought I was a spy
But no government could hold me
When enemies lord over me
I’ll do what I must
Never ending circles
Gather around the sun
The same light shines
On the wicked and the just

Leave your chains to rust (x2)

Millennial visions haunted me
But I loved it when you said
The end of the world
Is no time for a pacifist
Warnings in newspapers
Gossip in those circles
I swear to you
I have the heart of an anarchist

Leave your chains to rust
Leave the water running
Leave your house to dust
Leave the fire burning
Leave your family behind

The exposition glows
But will be gone in a year
Societies decay
But the soul of man lives on
Churches and schools
Offices and factories
Will die a thousand deaths
Before I die once

Leave your chains to rust (x2)


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