Unfriend me if you disagree…

Many of us have awful facebook friends that we wouldn’t spend five minutes with in real life.  These dull, obnoxious “friends” post status updates that make you ache to prune them from your friends list.  But why should you unfriend them when you can provoke them into unfriending you?

With that I announce February 4, 2011 as “Get Unfriended Day”.  All day long I will post status updates with the intention of offending the type of people I don’t really want to be friends with anyway.  Other people have led campaigns to delete friends, but I find it more delightfully passive-aggressive to let them unfriend me.

So here’s the gist.  Post status updates that you believe but will be found offensive by some on your friends list.  Don’t get all fake racist for the sake of getting unfriended.  But if you really are racist this is an excellent time to let everyone know so they can delete you.  This is a great time to piss off your friends that are radically political, have no sense of humor, or are so easily offended you can’t talk to them.  This is also a great time to see who your real friends are.  Anyone who actually cares about you won’t delete you just because they don’t like the things you believe.


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2 Responses to Unfriend me if you disagree…

  1. A great article. I too am tired of hijacked status updates demanding people cut and paste. Hence why I am on twitter.

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