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Your Mother Doesn’t Love You Anymore

For a while you’ve suspected, But now you know for sure; Your once-loving mother Doesn’t love you anymore She used to make you sandwiches From peanut butter and jelly, But now the jelly is petroleum And the peanut butter’s a … Continue reading

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Things I Would Possibly Be Without You

I’m certainly enjoying my life with you, but since you asked for it, here’s a list of what I could be if I didn’t have you. 1. Railroad Bum I would walk along railroad tracks across the country and attempt … Continue reading

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Clark Kent

*I don’t blog as much as I (or my legions of fans) would like.  One of the easiest ways for me to generate content is to post one of my songs with the lyrics and and some background info. The … Continue reading

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Ron’s Thoughts #2

I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks.  The easiest way to amend that is by crapping out a quick “Ron’s Thoughts” column.  As usual, this is just a collection of goofy facebook status updates.  And as always, inspired by … Continue reading

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