Ron’s Thoughts #2

I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks.  The easiest way to amend that is by crapping out a quick “Ron’s Thoughts” column.  As usual, this is just a collection of goofy facebook status updates.  And as always, inspired by the immortal “Hank’s Thoughts”.

  • My thoughts on moderation?  I approve of it but I never participate.
  • Tim Horton’s can go back to Canada and die.
  • I live near OSU campus so I live near a great number of assholes. I forget about this until the weather turns nice and they start being assholes outside.
  • Just as nothing produces humility like failure, nothing produces a spirit of superiority and dickishness like accomplishment.
  • Plastic surgery should never leave your nose so small that you can’t jam your finger in and pull boogers out.
  • I want people to say the following of me:
    “Ron Freeman can do anything he sets his mind to, but it’s kind of a disappointment to see the things he puts his mind to.”

About ronfreeman42

I'm trustworthy.
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One Response to Ron’s Thoughts #2

  1. Ron Freeman, you are my hero. . . in case you were wondering.

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