King Size Snickers

For years I could taste the difference.  Snickers was okay, but King Size Snickers was an other-worldly delight.  It was the candy bar they passed out on Halloween night in Heaven.  Being twice as big made the King Size bar exponentially amazing.  But it wasn’t twice as long, it was twice as think, meaning more caramel, peanuts and nougat in every bite.  And your bites had to be twice as big.

Also, I love the word ‘nougat’.  Definitely one of my favorites in the English language (stemming from the French nogat).

Like Snyder’s Ketchips, many of my favorite junk foods have been discontinued or altered (i.e. ruined).  Two years ago the bastards at Mars Incorporated changed the King-Size Snickers from one giant bar of nougaty nirvana into a two piece bar.  Two small pieces. Two small pieces that that split the difference between “Fun-Size” and “Regular-Size”.  Of course the new two piece bar is the same price but 10% smaller

Where was the media on this?  Who allows this to slip through the mental cracks of our distracted nation?  Why didn’t I blog about this two years ago?  Why does the junk food I love disappear?


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2 Responses to King Size Snickers

  1. Steve says:

    First question I have is: What does twice as think mean? 😉

    I miss the Snickers Cruncher even more, that was really good.

    I hadn’t realized that they changed the Snickers King Size, I knew they were doing it to Milky Way and 3 Musketeers. I’m the opposite in a way, I’m so used to the regular sized Whatchamacallit, I just don’t find the king size one as good (not that it’s bad) even though they make it twice as thick, and not by breaking it into two pieces. They’ve only been making the king sized one for a couple years.

    You’re not the only one who has their favorite junk food disappear. My favorite cereal of all time now is Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp, which General Mills made a couple years ago. Instead of the chocolate chip cookies of Cookie Crisp, it was peanut butter cookies. They were amazing, twice as good as peanut butter Cap’n Crunch (and I like that too) even though they didn’t use real peanut butter. Of course, they stopped making it. I called General Mills a few weeks back to try and get them to start making it again.

    I also won’t buy the altered Cherry “Antioxidant” 7-Up, since they changed it it tastes like crap. I have the honor of being the last person to buy a 12-pack of the old fashioned Cherry 7-Up at Sander’s.

  2. Tygar says:

    Taking away the delicious one piece king size put me off snickers for some time. They really did taste even better than the original. I truly believe it did by far because of the different mix due to size. I loved it. 2 piece bad for so many reasons — will never ever buy 2 piece.

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