All the Cool Kids

*I don’t blog as much as I (or my legions of fans) would like.  One of the easiest ways for me to generate content is to post one of my songs with the lyrics and and some background info.

This was the first song I wrote after moving to Columbus, Oh from Erie, PA.  I was severely underemployed and in three days I wrote and recorded the basic tracks for “God’s Gentle Breeze”, “Quitters”, and this song.  Willie Nelson once remarked that he wrote “Crazy”, “Nightlife”, and “Funny How Time Slips Away” in one week.  My week didn’t go quite as well.

More so than most of my songs, the lyrics to “All the Cool Kids” are pretty straight forward.  They are just about missing your friends, both from moving away and growing older/apart.  The story of recording it was more interesting.  I recorded the acoustic guitar and vocals in that one week and then took the track back to Erie for recording help from some of my left behind friends.  Chris Vogt was going to record a mandolin part but we had no place to do the recording.  Mike Caggeso suggested we record in his apartment but he wasn’t going to be able to be there to open it up for us. While I was on the phone with Mike he coached Chris and me on how to break into his apartment.  I boosted Chris through a window and he came around and unlocked it and we recorded a few takes in Mike’s dining room.  John Gratto’s keyboard and harmony parts were recorded with less B & E in the back room of his house.  Bill Pratt recorded some wonderful pedal steel guitar parts for us in his home studio in Connecticut.  I met Bill when he was playing with Bill Mallonee and I opened for them in Pittsburgh.

All the Cool Kids

Mysteries go deeper
Than the oceans ever could
No one seems to know where you’ve been
So I hired detectives
To search all the places
That you loved and left behind
And I heard you got a new apartment
On the other side of town
So you grew up and you quit making the rounds

I miss all the cool kids now
I miss all the cool kids now
They never had jobs
But they had money anyhow
I miss all the cool kids now

There’s storms on the ocean
And you slip beneath the sea
You have to get up pretty early now
I made a list
Of all the aging hipsters that I miss
And you were #1
And I’m sure your wife is sweet
But you don’t know how it ever got so far
With a girl you don’t understand
Like the guys down at the bar


Fool us all with Friday night
But we know that you are gone
And once you’re gone you’re gone for good
Once you’re gone you’re gone for good
Once you’re gone you’re gone for good


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