What I Do Now

In May I quit a horrible 3rd shift factory job in order to become self employed.  I make my income from two different sources:

1. I am a process server in Columbus, OH.  That means I serve papers to people being sued; mostly collections, corporate lawsuits, and other civil cases.

2. I sell stuff on eBay and Amazon.  I sell used books, games, electronics, musical instruments, typewriters, whatever I can find.

So my days are spent driving around Columbus, serving papers to businesses and individuals with frequent stops at thrift stores to try to find stuff to resell.  I spend well over $1000 in thrift stores every month.  I’d be surprised if a week went by that I didn’t stop in thrift stores 20+ times.  Some of the stores closest to me I stop in 3 times a week. The two businesses complement each other very well, my schedule is flexible enough to change my plans whenever a process service client may call with a rush request.

My wife works with me, she handles a lot of the invoicing and paperwork for the process service business while also keeping track of how much money that comes in and goes out.  We can work at 11pm or take naps at 2:30.  However our house is always filled with weird crap that I’m trying to resell.  My office is filled with vintage 80’s synthesizers, dictation machines, books, typewriters, a laserdisc player, piano rolls, old board games, and sewing patterns.  It’s a lot of fun.


About ronfreeman42

I'm trustworthy.
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