Ron Freeman likes to think that he’s a big deal but he’s really not.  Sure he dabbles in music, writing, and grilling meat but that doesn’t make him tough.  And he always thinks he’s funny but he’s totally not.  Ugh!  I hate that Ron Freeman guy!

Fell free to contact the big idiot at ronfreeman42 at gmail dot com

Feel free to give him free stuff too.


3 Responses to About

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  2. bret hobbins says:

    Great choice in music. I saw your bumper sticker, and found your blog. keep up the good work. Do you play music?

  3. ronfreeman42 says:

    Hi Bret, thanks for dropping by. I don’t pay much attention to this blog anymore. I do have a band in Columbus, Ohio called Lost Orchards. You can find us on facebook and we have an EP on itunes and Amazon MP3.

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