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Every Album I Got in 2011

So here’s the big list of every album I got in 2011, some were gifts, most I purchased from Amazon MP3 (where each link will take you).  Probably my favorites were the new Decemberists record and the Clem Snide EP … Continue reading

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Every Book I Read in 2011

Here’s my book list of 2011.  All links are to the product page at Amazon.  Buy anything through my link and I get a cut, I then use the cut to buy more books.  This past year was probably the … Continue reading

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Every Movie I Watched in 2011

I’ve decided not to bother with “best of” lists.  I work a lot and I don’t get to see every movie that gets released in a calendar year, so a “best of” list from me would just be uninformed and … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Being Aquaman Wouldn’t Be So Bad

Aquaman has long been the joke of the Justice League and the suck of the Superfriends. Perhaps we’ve been a little unfair to Aquaman by measuring him and his powers against that of Superman and Green Lantern.  If I stop … Continue reading

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What true friends you are…

Friday’s experimental “Get Unfriended Day” was a rousing success or failure depending on your point of view.  No one unfriended me so that could be seen as a failure, however it could be a sign that facebookers are more open … Continue reading

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Unfriend me if you disagree…

Many of us have awful facebook friends that we wouldn’t spend five minutes with in real life.  These dull, obnoxious “friends” post status updates that make you ache to prune them from your friends list.  But why should you unfriend … Continue reading

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Who to Root for in the Super Bowl

Unless you are a Steeler or Packer fan, your favorite football team did not make the Super Bowl.  Yet you will still watch and probably pick a team to root for.  Most of you will pick a team without any … Continue reading

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