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Matt Texter’s Favorite Musical Mustaches

Hi Gang, totally-made-up-by-me Mustache Awareness Week continues, but I actually have stuff to do today so Matt Texter will be helping out.  Here is his list for favorite mustached men in folk and country music. Advertisements

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The Mustache Preservation Society and Clinic of Indianapolis, Indiana

In 1899 Dr. John Danforth Phillips felt a calling in his life.  A young veteran of the Spanish-American War, serving as a Captain for the famously mustached future president Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, Phillips had seen firsthand the fighting forces of … Continue reading

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Update! Ryne Sandberg with a Mustache!

My brother just sent me what can only be described as an important, late-breaking story in the world of Mustache Awareness Week.  A Ryne Sandberg baseball card with a mustache. This completely changes the complexion of our All-Mustache Team. Thanks, … Continue reading

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1980’s Baseball All-Mustache Team

In commemoration of the completely-made-up-by-me Mustache Awareness Week, I have compiled the 1980’s All-Mustache Team.  I’ve attempted to not just create a team of the best mustaches but to create the best team that just so happens to be mustached. … Continue reading

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The Mustache Era

There is nothing in this world more intimidating, more ferocious, more capable of peering into your soul and judging you to be a worthless, gutless wretch than a hard throwing relief pitcher with a mustache.  And my lord, their names!  … Continue reading

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